Thursday, January 24, 2013

Great Wines Under $10

Great Wines Under $10.  Why pay upwards of $40 (or much more) for a wine that you may not like?  We have tasted quite a few wines costing more than $40 and can tell you, without a doubt, that there are plenty of wines at or below $10, with the same complexity in taste, and a more delicious value!

Want to learn more about types of wines and how to figure out what you like? Click Here!  If you already know what wine types you like, keep reading!

Great Reds.  For great wines under $10 reds, we have a few that we really love for great value, full flavor and light on the pocket.  Take a look at the grape of your choice and see what we suggest.
Merlot.  Hands down our favorite using this great grape is the 14 Hands Merlot.  Although 14 Hands also makes a red blend, we have found the Merlot is the favorite of the two and we don’t really like Merlot

What Wine Do I like? - Finding Your Favorite Wine

What wine do I like?  Well it is time to figure out which ones you like and find your favorite wines.  

For those new to drinking wine, the sheer variety of wines can seem overwhelming.  Couple that with the number of wine makers and you can easily become lost in sea of wine before actually figuring out what you like.  Additionally, enjoying wine can be an expensive endeavor, if you do not know how to find a good wine without spending too much.  

What wine do I like? – The old school thought process provided a favored wine to pair with every meal.  Wine snobs would turn up their noses at a fish served with red wine or a red meat with a white, but those times have finally passed.  Now, more people are drinking what they like with a meal instead of what “pairs” best.  So how do you figure out – What wine do I like? 

Basics.  The best way we have found to tackle this problem is to start with the basics.  Think of what you want to get out of the wine.  Do you like sweet wines?  Do you like red or white?  Do you even know what you want?  Start really basic.  Do not think about notes of this or hues of that.  Simply taste the wine and see if you like it.  The more confusing elements of tastes and undertones (along with vernacular) will come much later in your wine drinking education and experience.  

Hoppin' Grapes Logo Design - Wine and Beer Tasting Shop in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop, Sierra Vista, Arizona Logo Design.  We knew early on that we would require a professional design.  One of the first things we wanted were websites, social media, and a logo.  The logo gave us a way for future customers to know they found the right website, blog and store.  

We worked with 99 Designs to create a logo for this business venture.  99 Designs is a website which allows designers to post designs and customers to select from these designs.  There is also a contest feature which allows you to select an original design by offering a cash prize for the design you select.  

We paid $299 for 99 Designs put us in direct with 22 designers who entered 100 logo designs for us to choose from.  We selected the design above.  Do you think we got our money's worth?  Let us know by commenting below!  ~Hoppin' Grapes

Will you be joining us at Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop in Sierra Vista, Arizona? 

Hoppin' Grapes Blog - Beer and Wine Tasting Bar in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Welcome to the Hoppin' Grapes blog!  We are excited to start this business venture!  Take a look at some of our blog posts and give us comments and feedback on them so we can make changes using your input.

We are a small business, starting in a time of economic uncertainty.  Please follow our blog as we start to grow our business.

Right now we are starting with a blog, website, and social media (like facebook and twitter) in order to see if there is a desire for our type of business.  We want to be sure we have a good following of wine and beer enthusiasts before opening our doors.  In the relatively small community we are planning to operate, we know that local public support will be required in order to be successful.

We hope this online venture will help show us we are on the right path towards opening a retail shop.  We hope through sharing our ideas on this blog we will find encouragement as we move along through the more mundane experiences like finishing our business plan, seeking financing, finding retail space, exceeding government regulation, and finally opening our store!

Thanks for your interest in our blog and idea!  ~Hoppin' Grapes