Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hoppin' Grapes Logo Design - Wine and Beer Tasting Shop in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop, Sierra Vista, Arizona Logo Design.  We knew early on that we would require a professional design.  One of the first things we wanted were websites, social media, and a logo.  The logo gave us a way for future customers to know they found the right website, blog and store.  

We worked with 99 Designs to create a logo for this business venture.  99 Designs is a website which allows designers to post designs and customers to select from these designs.  There is also a contest feature which allows you to select an original design by offering a cash prize for the design you select.  

We paid $299 for 99 Designs put us in direct with 22 designers who entered 100 logo designs for us to choose from.  We selected the design above.  Do you think we got our money's worth?  Let us know by commenting below!  ~Hoppin' Grapes

Will you be joining us at Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop in Sierra Vista, Arizona? 

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