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Willcox Arizona Wine Tips, Tours and Review

Willcox Arizona Wine Tips, Tours and Review           

Willcox wine country lies about 75-80 minutes to the northeast of Sierra Vista, Arizona.  Willcox currently boasts six different tasting rooms. Two more tasting rooms are on the way soon, however, at this point there isn’t an opening date for them.  Before going wine tasting (or at one of the tasting rooms!), we would encourage people to purchase the Wine Traveler’s Card.  The Card costs $20, however, many wineries have some really nice deals for their wines or tastings.  We will list the deals that we really like, however, most of the wineries do offer some sort of discount.  

We do recommend bringing some water from home with you on the wine trail.  Willcox doesn’t have a whole lot of places to stop and get water and you will definitely need it after tasting the wines.  Also, Willcox will likely be a day trip, because to our knowledge, there really isn’t anywhere nice to stay overnight.  You will want to plan accordingly to have a designated driver! Always be safe! We want you to be able to continue enjoying Arizona wines for a very long time.

In our opinion, the best place to start the Willcox wine tour would be with Coronado Vineyards.   This winery is located approximately four miles north of the main block of tasting rooms.  We like to do this one first because it offers the ability to purchase small tapas plates which puts some food in your stomach, before you hit all of the other tasting rooms!  This tasting room remains one of the most beautiful tasting rooms that we have come across in Arizona.  They offer a discount with the Wine Card of 50% off a tasting.

After Coronado Vineyards, head south to the Historical Railroad Park.  Park your car right next to the park, because 3 (soon to be 4) tasting rooms are clustered here within walking distance of each other.  Please do be careful when crossing the tracks, because trains come through this park on a fairly regular basis.  Carlson Creek Vineyard is on one side of the park.  With the wine card, Carlson Creek offers a 2 for 1 tasting.  

On the other side of the park, Keeling-Schaefer, Gallifant (currently under construction), and Flying Leap tasting rooms are nearly back to back to back.  Keeling-Schaefer winery offers a Wine Card special of two for one tasting.  If you need lunch, a train car BBQ joint is open on the weekends right by the park or feel free to bring a picnic basket from home and eat in the park! 

The final two wineries are about ten minutes down the road from the railroad park rooms.  Pillsbury and Zarpara are on the same road out of town, so as soon as you see one, you will come upon the other.  They are both located on Kansas Settlement road.  When driving there, it does feel sort of like you are going into the middle of nowhere.  Don’t worry about that and continue forward.   At the tasting rooms, Zarpara gives a wine card discount of $2 off of the tasting. 

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