Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grand Opening! Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop located at 409B W. Fry BLVD, Sierra Vista, AZ

 Grand Opening!  Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop - 409B W. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ

Hoppin' Grapes is finally here!  Our Grand Opening weekend starts off with a ribbon cutting on the 5th of December at 11:00AM.  We will have cheese plates, cake and lots more immediately following the ribbon cutting.  Hoppin' Grapes is located at 409B W. Fry BLVD right next to Cool Dreams Window Tints.

We have received plenty of great phone calls and support from local wineries.  Passion Cellars sent a rep to drop off a bottle of wine to congratulate us on our soft-opening weekend.  Sonoita Vineyards called to inform us their wine maker was coming and we are excited.  Zarpara Vineyards will join us on the 18th of December for a special wine tasting event for just $15.  We even received a call from the Sierra Vista Herald announcing they will be there to cover our event.  Awesome.

This week we increased our advertising campaign to get the word out.  We launched a radio ad on Cherry Creek Radio stations 100.9 and 92.3 creating a bit more buzz than we had with facebook and word-of-mouth alone.  We are super thankful for everyone who visited us over the past weekend and helped us as we refined our processes.  All of the great people who liked our facebook page putting us up to almost 600 likes in such a short time gives us hope that we will make it here.

Come join us at Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Shop located at 409B W. Fry BLVD, Sierra Vista, AZ all weekend long as we celebrate finally opening.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Local Radio Ad - Hoppin' Grapes Wine and Beer Tasting Bar

     Over the last few weeks we have done a lot of different types of advertising.  We ran a couple of ads in the Sierra Vista Herald newspaper announcing our Grand Opening on December 5th.  Before that, we started word of mouth advertising with friends and family.  We even ran a few ads on facebook.

     Most of our focus was on the social media outreach.  Here in Sierra Vista, it is a small community.  We found that lots of people were on a few different facebook pages.  As our business grew, people started to post more about it.  One of our posts was seen by over 3000 people and shared over 30 times.

     Now we have decided to move forward with a radio ad with Cherry Creek Radio.  The ad will play on two local radio stations; 100.9 FM and 92.3 FM.  This bridges the gap for Kristine and I.  I like 100.9 and she likes 92.3!

      The radio ad is attached.  Take a listen and let us know what you think!  Comment on our facebook page.