Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local

1. Support for Nonprofits—Local businesses support good work in our community. “Studies show that nonprofits receive 250 percent more support from small businesses than large ones,” explains Sue Lynn Sasser, PhD, professor of economics at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Because small business owners are part of the community, many feel that it is important to give back to the community and support several different local charities.

2. Create a vibrant community – Small businesses create a unique place for people to spend time and enjoy themselves as opposed to chain stores that can be found everywhere across America.

3. Develop a relationship with your shopkeeper – If you like shopping in a place where the owners/employees know your name, try small business.  The more you interact with particular people the more likely they will learn your tastes and be able to recommend other items that you will enjoy.

4. Keep money local – When spent in a local shop, approximately 65-70% of the money will stay in the community for various reasons.  In big box stores, only about 30-35% of the money spent continues onward in the community.

5. Try before you buy – Many small shops will allow you to try a sample of an item before you but it! 

6. Diversity in Product – Many small businesses will specialize in hard to find items that generally aren’t found in a big-box retailer.  

7. Employment –As a whole, small business employs more people than any other corporation.  Further, those employees will go on to spend money in the community in which they live.

8. Product knowledge – Owners are very passionate about their business and will know about the products on their shelves.  If you have specific questions that you need answers, a smaller shop is your best bet!

9. Investment in the Community – Because owners usually live in the community that they work, most small business owners have a commitment to make the community a great place to live and work.  Many volunteer in different for different causes to invest in the welfare of their town. 

10. You matter! – Locally owned businesses genuinely care about the customers that walk through the door and strive to give each person a good experience.  Vote with your wallet!  Spend your money in a small shop and keep local business thriving!

Friday, June 3, 2016

10 Interesting Wine Facts to Help You Waste Time – Ahem, Learn About Wine

10 Interesting Wine Facts to Help You Waste Time – Ahem, Learn About Wine

1. On January, 21, 2016, a notice was published in the Federal Register to make the Wilcox region an American Viticultural Area (AVA).  This area would encompass  526,000 acres in Southeastern Arizona to include portions of Graham and Cochise County!  (See  AVAs are established regions with boundaries where the land (terroir) has a common link such as topography, climate, elevation, and make-up of the soil. 

2. The only current AVA in Arizona is the Sonoita AVA, located a little south of Tucson and about 40 minutes north of Sierra Vista.  This AVA was established in 1985.  For more info, see

3. Who is surprised that the District of Columbia drank more wine per person than any actual state in the United States?  On average, DC consumes 34 bottles of wine per year per person in 2013.  This statistic is from the Beverage Information Group. 

4. According to the International Organization of Vine and Wine, Americans are (FINALLY) drinking more wine than the French.  I had complete faith that we would eventually overcome the French (in wine drinking).

5. Have you ever had a glass of Beringer wine?  Did you know that the Beringer Winery is haunted?  You can take a cave tour of the winery and possibly listen to the whispers of Chinese laborers.  You might need a glass of wine after the tour to calm your nerves… ( 

6. Need something haunted and closer to home?  Travel up to Jerome and stay at the Grand Hotel.  Speaking from experience, the hotel IS creepy, however, a very intense exploration of the hotel did not reveal any paranormal experiences.

7. Sonoita Vineyards is the first winery in Arizona!  Go visit them and enjoy drinking a piece of history!

8. Birding and drinking wine seems to be developing in popularity.  Several different areas (Ohio, Oregon, Sonoma, Argentina, Chile) are building in the possibility of birding while visiting wine trails.

9. Kristine’s favorite wine is Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley please)!  Eric prefers Zinfandel.  Just thought I would throw that in as a fact in case someone wanted to get us a gift.  Just saying…

10. If you are interested in further exploring Arizona wines, check out the wine travel card (  The website has a lot of great information and the card gives some great discounts to different wineries.